Will: SENIOR session

His mom really wanted some sibling pictures. 

His session was in the morning.

His little sister would be tagging along for his Senior session.

I've seen situations like this head south pretty fast...irritation can set in, and it is nearly impossible to hold it in check for 2 whole hours, all the while smiling for pictures...

But you see, it didn't go that way this time...

Will wasn't irritated or annoyed...he didn't act entitled or exasperated with the components of our time together...

He was gracious, funny, accomodating, generous...
He was the opposite of self-centered...

and it was wonderful to watch!

I appreciated his thoughtfulness and desire to not only honor his mom's wishes, but also to allow his little sister to be apart...this sister that so obviously adores her big brother...the one that knows that her big brother is her protector and friend...

I so thoroughly enjoyed the morning we shared...I appreciated Will's candor, his sister's giggles and his mom just relishing these moments of this last, graduating year before he heads off on his own.  

I appreciated Will's maturity and understanding...this wisdom beyond his life experience...

I wish you the best...congratulations Will on your upcoming graduation!

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