Job Well Done

Did anyone else suffer through the cold and rain on Saturday?  OH MY HEAVENS...they literally opened up and poured amount of layering, blankets, rain boots or umbrellas were keeping us dry either...hours upon hours braving the elements to watch my daughters play soccer...

This is committment could also be referred to as CRAZY...but, let's just keep it on the up and up!

And so, once I could feel my baby toes on my feet again, I spent a considerable amount of time in front of the computer screen.  In an effort to get all my session requests scheduled, it has required back to back to back sessions every weekend and almost daily weekday sessions, with Seniors mixed in on the mornings...

This tends to put a kink in my well-organized life...

Oh good grief, who am I kidding...I do not DO organization all that you can wildly imagine the status of my computer desk (not to mention my laundry, the bathrooms, the kitchen floor and my closet...)

I LOVE getting out and meeting all these incredible people and photographing memories for them...making the session itself and "event" and something that is FUN to do!

It does however mean that I have a back up and line up of edits that are waiting for my attention...

I'm thinking I'll be opening up that bottle of wine I purchased in Michigan this past summer come Thanksgiving time...when I can put my feet up and eat bonbons all day once again (well, I think that might be what my hubby thinks I do on the norm...but, ya know...)

One such amazing family is THIS ONE!  She's a teacher so they've already got my 110% love and affection (we teachers stick together!!!)

Their little man is the funny man of the group, but middle sister, I believe gives him quite the run for his money!!!  And OH to be the's a difficult path we trod...trying to keep everyone on task...She was a good sport and even through some of the silly antics, she kept that beautiful smile shining!

I sometimes wonder if families think like I do...I mean, I will ask my husband countless times, "did you ever imagine life would turn out this way? did you picture it like this?"

This mom and dad have healthy, beautiful children...they work as a team day in and day rule book, just leaning on each other to come up with what works for their family.  Little pieces of themselves are found in each one of the kids...the oldest, with her firstborn soul...middle girl with that toothless grin & a gazillion ideas going on in that intelligent brain of hers...and little man, knowing full well he is loved to the moon and back by everyone...

We don't have all the answers, but I never cease to be amazed at the teamwork and effort put in by husband/wife teams that tirelessly build into their families...

and what a job ell done!!!


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