Have a I mentioned that I've had a few seniors lately? 

It's a different type of photo session altogether and I really enjoy the dynamics.

When I'm with a family, typically we are all talking at once...little ones have "ideas"...we're distracting a toddler...we're playing chase...we're telling jokes and twirling like princesses...someone needs a kleenex, someone else needs the's just the nature of a family session...

And then come the Seniors...

We talk...walk...discuss future plans...laugh about schedules & school's like meeting up with friends and hanging out for a couple hours...and while we're there, we'll take a few pictures...

It's during this time that I get to know these young adults that are about to embark on this incredibly journey...they have no idea what's on the other side of high school, but they are excited...

Each one has different talents, abilities, personalities, life experiences...all these things that they bring to the table...and I do all that I can to showcase all those facets...because together, they tell the "story" of their lives...these first 18-19 years before the officially put into practice all they've learned.

John is somewhat reserved, watchful...aware...he is patient and compliant...he has a gentle soul...

I always enjoy meeting my opposite personalities, because typically they are happy to just let me talk and talk and their kind nature puts my nervousness at ease...

Congratulations John on your upcoming will be GREAT! 

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