I sat at my computer late Sunday night editing, after coming home from family photo sessions with little ones at a park.

I love photographing children, but I'm often quite spent by the end of it...I tend to give everything I've got in a short period of time...

I'm more of "sprinter" rather than a long distance runner, so to speak...in my personality, that is...

So, I came home...kissed my children & husband and headed back to my computer immediately...

It's what I do in the fall...if I'm not shooting, I'm editing, if I"m not editing, I'm shooting...everything else in the house sort of piles up...I do make time for all my girls sports and activities, but "me" time is definitely put on the shelf until about Thanksgiving...

Anyway...I sat at my computer until very late and my husband finally came to me and said, "listen, you only have one shoot in the afternoon tomorrow"...take some time away from the computer and just veg for a half hour and then come to bed."

Since I felt as though I had been running a cross country meet rather than just one lap around the track, I thought it was logical and so I scheduled my last sneak peek and sat down to just veg for a bit and then headed to bed.

Within 2 hours, my eldest woke me up feeling nauseous and rather uncomfortable.  She is ME when she is ill, and therefore, being a high maintenance sicky myself, I did the best I could to comfort her in my half asleep stupor.  Due to this, I did not sleep that well...but it is what it is...

At 6:30am I heard the rumblings of my middle child & husband both fiddling in the kitchen and getting things going for the morning.  I awoke to say goodbye and went to check on the eldest child...still in her nauseous state, she decided to stay home from school, albeit she did not want to be alone in case things got "bad" and she needed some assistance.

I was due to take the youngest to the doctor to get checked on yet another virus going on in our home and was worried that it was strep (it's not thank goodness) I thought my eldest would be fine to just stay home in bed while I ran to the doctor...but at that moment the AEP guy came to the door to inform me that he needed to turn off the power to the house so that he can fix the box that is sinking and falling over...

I can't leave my eldest alone with a man outside, so I called hubby to come home and sit with her...this put me about 10 minutes behind in my 40 minute drive time needed to get to the doctors...(oh the joy of moving when your kids are young but keeping the same doctors)

Mind you the power is off, so I need to manually open the garage door and be ready to pull out the moment my husband pulled in...no sooner had I got that taken care of ...and my dog throws up on the carpet...

I did what any mother would do at that point...

I lit a candle and decided to let my husband take care of things ;)

My littlest munchkin has a virus, but since her fever is gone, she is "okay" to go to school...for the sake of other mothers, I will be keeping her home, at least for the morning to make sure it's truly okay!

My MIL showed up to sit with both girls while I had a senior shoot until around 4:30pm...at which time, I ran home, shoveled some food into everyone's mouths and then ran back out the door when my hubby got home to get to the redistrciting committee meeting (because apparantly I thrive on CRAZY)

I got home at 10pm last night...only to sit down to write this blog post and continue editing...not that you needed to know all this personal information, but for lack of brain cells and any creative juices outside of when my face is behind a camera, this is about all I can muster at this point in the season!

I promised to SHOW UP...and so here I am...I'm a tad flustered, but I'm being REAL...

Quick update:

My youngest is doing well, her gums are still swollen, but we'll find out on Nov. 11th whether or not the nerves survived the trauma..although we have discovered that her accident has already cost us around $1000 out of pocket just for the x-rays alone...I will say it's moments like this, after hearing from so many about the adventurous nature of boys, that we have all girls...at least this isn't a regular occurance :)

I AM PLANNING A SNAPSHOP CLASS IN THE NEW YEAR!!   Once I get all my sessions edited and delivered (hopefully all of them before Thanksgiving) I will post information regarding that and christmas certificates!!!

LASTLY, I do not have Oct 31/Nov 1st available for photo sessions...However, I am looking to open a few time slots on the 7/8 and a couple more on the 14/15 IF weather cooperates...I already have a wait list and I may not be able to accommodate everyone.  Please let me know if you need a list of other area photographers that I can recommend to you if we don't get you in OR if you'd rather not chance it...My biggest concern is that you get some pictures...whether it's with me or not :)

I hope you enjoyed this episode of "comedy of errors" in my home...
stay tuned for more CRAZY, as I'm about 100% SURE that we'll have more acomin'

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