Michael: SENIOR 2016

Most guys aren't necessarily "INTO" Senior sessions...It's not that they don't value looking nice or that they don't want pictures at all...I think it's more the "perception" most people have of what a senior session "looks" like...

It's the idea having to sit and pose and hold a smile and "shift your body this way" and, and, and...

not necessarily what someone wants to envision doing with 2 hours of their life, already in a busy & hectic schedule...

THANK THE LORD that is NOT what Senior Sessions look like with me...

I am already someone who gets bored easily, so if it's not "fun", I'm not going to be "INTO" it either...

I'll be honest that Senior Guys were intimidating for me at first...remember, I'm a mom to all girls...but, once I meet up with guys like Michael & his mom...my memory kicks into gear and I remember why I always got along so well with the boys in my classroom when I taught school...

Michael is not only an incredible athlete and intelligent student...he's a gentleman who brings honor to his family in the way he carries himself in the everyday. I was so impressed with how he interacted with me and how he was respectful to his parents & sister...everyone. 

And it's not an act...these are the types of  qualities that corporations and firms and hospitals and schools are searching for...they want guys like this to lead their companies...ones that have that inner confidence and strength, but can be insightful and patient when working with others...a mindset that isn't "all about number one"

It was a privilege to meet him (and take his senior pictures) 

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