Big Families...JUST RIGHT!

Facebook & Instagram has been kickin' my booty!!!

Don't's a good thing for all my families &'s just a bit cray-cray over here on this end, because I get so excited to share, that by the time I've posted the sneak peeks on Facebook and the little candid moments on Instagram...I might as well share an entire gallery and my sweet clients need some privacy for heavens sake!

So, if you are a faithful follower, I know you've seen MANY of these images before... and these were only take a few short weeks ago...but it seems like summer is already making it's way out and fall is pushing in...

I know it may "seem" like this a larger in number type family..and I suppose for most America with 2.5 kids, it may feel like it...However, most families with "more" than that, don't necessarily feel that big to me...I don't know, perhaps I'm weird...but, the thing is, it just feels RIGHT when I meet if their family is exactly the size it's supposed to be at that point in time...

This family is no exception...I love how each individual is unique, but everyone rallies around everyone else.  Big sisters are nurturing, little sisters bring the fun, brothers keep it & dad roll with everything...I imagine their house is quite cozy & fun to be in!


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