First World Problems

Let me preface this entire post with this:

If you know me at all, or even read about me, just a little HERE, you know that I've already had a few circumstances in my life that would be considered by most, as hardships.  I am not, in any way, trying to belittle our everyday situations...I, like everyone else, get annoyed, frustrated, cry, get hurt, etc...and I don't believe, for a moment, that when my emotions are reeling that God just sits back and says, "well, honey, it ain't THAT bad, suck it up and get over it!"

NO, it's a fact that He understands, He listens, He calms, and He COVETS communication with us...we do NOT irritate, when I go to Him with my #firstworldproblems , He doesn't roll His eyes... He rather, in a MUCH MORE PATIENT THAN ME way, gently comforts and directs me back on the right track...

THAT SAID, sometimes I, myself, NEED to roll my eyes at myself...for the pathetic things that get me RILED up from time to time...when I really sit back and allow myself to see things for what they really are, I SMH and think, "hang on a second, I've got it pretty good, what am I all worked up about???"

So, without further ado...because I actually put my underwear on inside out this week by mistake and for a fleeting moment I thought about throwing a temper tantrum (sorry if that's TMI but, it's how I roll)...I thought I'd share other #firstworldproblem moments with you that either I had, OR I heard my family complain about this week:

perhaps you can relate:

*I had to reheat my coffee 5 times this morning
*I goofed and bought Organic veggie dip instead of the regular kind that everyone likes
*We ate too much pizza and my tummy hurts
*The internet is too slow, the computer isn't going fast enough!!!
*I can't find my khaki shoes, MAN, now I have to wear my regular tennis shoes!
*But, I ate all my chicken, potatoes and beans...why can't I have a treat?
*I have 4 loads of clean laundry strewn all over my master bedroom...UGH
*my iphone is too full and now I can't take a picture with a it!!!
*the waffle iron doesn't work right and now I have to eat an "eggo" waffle!!
*I forgot to wear my fitbit and I won't get any point for my steps today!!!
*we're missing 2 library books from the library and I can't renew them!
*noone understands this algebra homework for heavens sake!

I hope you enjoy your weekend...I'm going to try not to complain too much...

thankful for healthy kiddos, a safe house, warm bed, good food, savings for the future, church on Sunday, incredible friends that love me regardless of my failings...

I'll keep my "first world problems" in perspective!  See you Monday!

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