Only a few more weeks left of school...

I can't imagine what the parents of seniors are feeling at this point in the year...

They've seen it coming for a long while...this is the moment, the goal toward which they have worked...their babies grow & mature to adults, who will begin life on their own...

I only have a few more short years with my eldest...but my heart squeezes every time I think about her reaching that last year of high school.

I remember talking with Taylor's dad who also accompanied us, along with Taylor's mom for her shoot.  He was not only the chauffeur, but the carrier of all wardrobe changes as well!  I asked him how he felt about his baby girl graduating...

He responded as I'm sure all dads must...with so much pride & love, I thought for sure his chest might explode...

She brings much happiness and joy to her family...she's confident and stylish, compassionate and spirited...she has a gentleness about her, that even in the excitement, she has a way of making others feel comfortable and at ease...

I have no doubt that her future will be amazing!

Congrats Taylor!

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