Mentoring Session 2015

I had a mentoring session this week...

It was actually the day after I had a trial "Snapshop #2" with one of my Snapshop Grads who won a contest I ran on our private facebook group.

It was a week of loads of information...

well, that and laundry...but, you don't read this blog for my laundry updates, so I'll get back to the main point!!!

Mentoring sessions are really fun...

Please don't misunderstand and think that a mentoring session is better or worse than a regular Snapshop class...they are just different.

They are different type of challenge for me because the "curriculum" that I provide is completely customized and ever changing during our 2-2.5 hours together.  When we touch on something of which you are already familiar, we quickly change pace and switch to something else...always connecting the dots so that all the learning flows together...

Ashleigh was enthusiastic and so excited to get started...and we crammed every ounce of learning and questioning that we could before I had to run out the door to decorate the middle school bulletin board for my daughter's big play performance that same evening.

I'm excited for Ashleigh to join that online group because I could tell from her enthusiasm that her practicing will increase and she'll be ready for more in no time at all!

I mentioned that I was working on that Snapshop #2...I've thrown around this idea for a couple years...I'm not one to just be into something for money...I'm too frugal myself, to try to jip people out of their hard-earned cash for something that isn't worthwhile...therefore, I've struggled with trying to create a curriculum for a Snapshop #2...

With Snapshops, everything is foundational...ground level...therefore, even if you are a little bit ahead of the game in understanding composition or manual settings, you're still getting a firm foundation of definitions and application...and that will ultimately help you further your knowledge of your camera and photography in general.

The difficulty lies afterwards...everyone progresses at a different pace and in different areas...therefore, to develop a "one size fits all" curriculum for a Snapshop #2 just doesn't seem quite advantageous.

So, I've been holding contests on my Snapshop Grads private facebook page to invite winners to spend some "free" one on one time with me so that I could actually determine first hand how my grads would like to continue their learning.

Roberta and I had a great morning.

It began by perusing all her chosen images on her laptop and diagnosing issues.  I was able to listen to some of her frustrations and where she felt that she had the most trouble.  While she talked, I took notes...writing down key things that I knew would make a big difference in her photography journey.

We then spent the next hour just going through those points and applying what was learned.

It was refreshing and empowering...I hope for her, but also for me, as a teacher.  I love that feeling of hope you get when you discover a potential solution to a problem...

My grads all make me proud of their determination and passion to document the lives of their families.

I hope to have a structured outline posted soon for future Snapshop #2 one on ones!!!

Hope to see you there!!

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