"Oh we lovvvvvvve them!!!"

Just mention their names to anyone in the school district and that's what you hear, "OH we lovvvvvvve them!!!"
I think this family knew "of" me before I knew them...Dad went to the same school as my husband and actually had my MIL as a teacher.  His sisters were a few years behind my husband too...
When he heard my last name, we had a fun "Memory" game of high school years...
However, the next day, when I mentioned their family to my in laws, I got the same reaction..."OH he is just wonderful and his family is amazing!"
I posted a few pictures of the kiddos on facebook and walked into my daughter's elementary school...
immediately, "Ohhhhhhh we saw the pictures...you took pictures of that family...we lovvvvvve them!"
So what does that tell you?
It says to me that these incredible people have made investments in the lives of others...They have taken the time to walk alongside other people...they've made the effort to involve themselves in lives outside of their own...and it has impacted those people in such amazing ways!
Oh to be thought of like that...
Their children are given the opportunity to watch mom and dad be leaders AND servants in everyday life...what a legacy they are forging for them!
I think you will agree that on top of the character being noticed in their walk & talk, the pure adorable-ness (is that a word?) of these kids is going to set them apart regardless :)

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