An apple a day....

He has the equivalent in Canon, to what I have in Nikon...and if truth be known, he knows much more technical stuff than I do about photoshop and lightroom...At this time in my life, I know what I need to know to get the images that I want, but OH there is so much more I want to learn! 
This family came to me last year and I was inspired by this Dad's desire to get pictures of his twins and whole family that captured the essence of WHO they were...
As I said, he has all the equipment and know-how but, I so admired his wanting to just sit back and watch his be IN the pictures with hold hands with his wife and let someone else SEE them through the lens...
I love the candidness, the carefree FUN that they have together...
Mom brought along the apples and they even SHARED ONE WITH ME!!!
This is how I feel loved friends...
It was a wonderful time with them...and as you'll see through the pictures...they enjoyed just being themselves!!!

All because two people fell in love...

Thank you for choosing to let me photograph your family again...I am blessed to know you!!!

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