Okay, if there is one thing that I love doing outside of (of course...) being a mom, wife, friend, etc...and duh, taking pictures...I LOVE teaching...

Maybe it's the spotlight...maybe it's the "control"...maybe it's the fact that I get to hang out with adult women who actually "speak my language" and the time doesn't involve me cutting up pizza slices, tying shoes or listening to cries as I brush out snarls in little girls' hair:)

Whatever it may be...the fact remains, that I love me some "teachin' time"...all the better when I get to share about something in which I have a passion! 

It's about memories...capturing life...being a "photo-journalist" for my the gift of the "story of their lives" in pictures to my little girls...

If you plan on attending this Snapshop (this LAST one for 2011) you won't regret it...and here's why:

First off, if you are even interested in the idea of this class then that means that you probably own a DSLR camera...which means that you're already pretty serious about the types of pictures that you are wanting for your means that you want more for yourself and your family. to learn more, to know more...yes, there is some vulnerability in that...and faced with "technical/photography words and lingo" it can be intimidating at first...
That's okay...these things are big pieces of equipment and the thought of learning every nit-pick little thing in one afternoon would be overwhelming...but, if you truly have a passion for wanting to capture your child's personality, the twinkle in their eye, their curiosity, the way they see life...then you also, deeeeeep down, have a desire to know HOW to do just that with that same piece of equipment...

I'm a wife and mom first....I "get" that desire...I know where you are coming from and as a teacher, I want to instill in you the courage to explore that creativity inside teach you the mechanical side of things so that you can produce what your heart and mind already that, when you put it together, you come away feeling empowered and not fearful of missing a shot.  You can approach a family outing or just family moments with expectation and confidence....knowing that you have a storehouse of  "ideas and tricks" so that you can showcase your kids...

Please watch this short video/slideshow of past snapshops to get a "feel" for what it will be like. 

#1- if you haven't emailed me already, then please do so ASAP, as there are limited spaces available. Email at

#2- I will send you my address so that you may send your $25 deposit (or full payment of $125) that needs to be received by November 5th to secure your spot.

#3- Once I receive your deposit/payment, I will email you again with the specifics of location & a "get to know you" questionaire.

#4- Come on November 19th ready to have fun, learn lots, eat some good food, enjoy great company and come away feeling transformed in your abilities and creative spirit!!

Here is the link to more specific information about the Snapshop as well...i.e. what to expect, what you get, time allotment, etc... SNAPSHOP

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