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The opportunity to spend time with people that I might not have otherwise met, is one of the perks of being a photographer:)  Being a people person...meaning, that I tend to be energized by being around people...creates in me a desire to invest in the lives of others...

Selfishly, I also realize, that I come away from these interactions encouraged because of the time spent with unique and inspiring individuals. 

I have known this family for about 3 years now...Even in our small down in the Midwest, I doubt that our paths would have crossed if it had not been for a love of capturing moments on both our sides:)

I have enjoyed watching their daughter grow over the years...They have become some of my biggest encouragers and I love them for it!

Some of the most FUN that is had, is when families take time to just enjoy being together and letting curiosity get the better of them...there is such wonder in discovery:)

This little girl is OH SO loved...

Thank you again for making time for me every year...and for all the other sweet moments in between as well!

Jennifer K. –   – (19.10.11)  

You are SO welcome! Love who you are and love what you do, Colleen! You are truly gifted! We WILL be back! :)

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