Polka Dot Socks and Miss Cartwheels

Can I just say that I was giddy?  I mean, just plain G. I. double D Y....giddy for this photo shoot.  I didn't know the girls really well, but I had seen them from afar and I LOVE their personalities.  Being a mom to all girls myself, I thoroughly enjoy watching how sisters interact, how they are different, how they are alike...I was not disappointed with the showing of these lovely ladies!!!

Polka Dot Socks Gal has such a gentle heart...she's fun loving and goofy, yes!  And MUCH fun to be around...but, you can 'hear' in her talk how she cares about things...Yes, her heart is precious!

Miss Cartwheels...oh my, I don't think you could NOT smile with her around.  She has the "thang" that just makes you feel happy just knowing her!

Yes, the time I spent with them was so fun!  I hope they both feel the beauty that they are and that I see captured in these photos...

Here are just a few of my favs from the day!

Dee Dee Ball  – (13.10.09)  

G I DOuble D Y is good!

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