A L'il bit excited!

Okay...so remember yesterday's post?


Good...if not, well you can just scroll down, but I was trying to make it even easier by offering the link...because, that's just the kind of person I am...

I digress...ahem

Well!  You see, those kind "folk" gave me a swap for my photo services just this time:)  Oh my, oh my, oh my!

Let me back up...let's just start with some "silly facts about me"...
* I can touch my tongue to my nose...it's a talent!
* my feet and hands are ALWAYS cold.
* I've been to Australia, PEI Canada...but never to Europe and if I ever get to go..I'm heading to Italy!
* I don't carry a purse.

It's that last one that has me "oh me oh my-ing"...Ever since, well..just ever since...I just shove a big ole wallet under my armpit, stick my phone in one back pocket and keys in another...I don't wear a ton of make up and the stuff I do wear, I expect it to stay on all day!!!  (it doesn't but I just pretend that it does) If my hair gets to lookin' yucky, well, I usually have some sort of hair holder on my wrist, so UP it goes...

When the girls came along, I HAD to do the diaper bag thing...I couldn't very well stick a diaper in my back pocket or wipes under my arm...and where in the world would the diaper rash stuff go?  Sooo...yes, the diaper bag...

Flash forward about 8 years...my youngest isn't needing ALL the necessities that much anymore, and yet I do need to carry a few things for her, well, and of course, I still have my wallet, keys, etc etc...yeah, well, trying haulin' a two year old in one arm, while holding onto the 5 year old's hand in the parking lot and hoping that your wallet doesn't drop to the pavement...it just doesn't work well..

So, I'm in a quandry...I'm not really a purse person...I'm also not a shoe person...let's face it, I don't have that much fashion sense and THAT'S OKAY WITH ME! I'm a laissez-faire sort of "dresser". However, out of necessity, I'm finding that I need SOMETHING here...I have been known to tote library bags or to stick stuff in one of my girls backpacks and claim it as my own...

Note to self:  it's time for a change! 

And sooooooo...this post comes to the climax...My dear friend Amy MADE this bag for me!  She let me choose the material (with much guidance on her part) and she sewed it all up "nice" and "perty" just for me! 

I LOVE IT!  It's just what I need...fits my personality, fits my stuff, no zips and snaps and things to fanagle with...Oh, I can't wait to have it for my very own!  I'm so looking forward to Thursday!!! 

Thanks Amy!

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