It's the MOST wonderful time..of the year...

NO...not THAT time of year...(although it IS right around the corner)...

For me, AUTUMN is my most favorite time of year...besides that fact that my birthday kicks off the fall season, I just love pretty much everything about it:

*you get to wear your favorite jeans again with a comfy sweatshirt
*campfire and smores
*football games
*the colors...OH, the colors
*the nice days, with cool evenings

And...THE LEAVES!!!  I remember as a little girl, I made Leaf Houses with my brother.  Our entire front yard became our "house"...we had little rooms and doorways...we could play for hours.  So, you better believe that when I see those leave comin' down outside, I'm grabbin' my rake and my 3 girls and we're out the door ready for some fun!

This was my creation yesterday:

I took so many pictures of my girls running and jumping and diving and rolling...oh, we had a blast outside!  I think this week is the last hurrah we're soaking it up while we can!  I go out each day while the older ones are in school and Little Munchkin and I rake up more to add to the pile.  We were even using a blanket to transport leaves from one side of the yard to the other!  It's a production let me tell you...

But OH so worth it!!!

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