I'm fairly certain that passers-by could hear us squealing at least a block away...

Devyn is fun, goofy, happy and friendly...but she also has an intense, passionate side...

We kept collaborating on each of her outfits and how we could tell her "story" best...

It's amazing...this upcoming journey into independence...

I recently read a quote..."There are many things in life that may DESCRIBE you, but they don't DEFINE you"

I think that statement is profound because it's often difficult to separate the things you like, the feelings you have, the sports you play, the successes you achieve, the failures that hurt...from the YOU that you are!

So often, we ride the roller coaster of emotion...when we struggle on a test or we lose at a sporting event or a relationship fails...and then again when we achieve high status or get the part or win the award...

It's difficult to not place our identity in things, but rather grasp your own purpose and value aside from those know you are loved, just because you are you!

Devyn has begun that process however...

she has so many ideas and passions and dreams...

and yet, she's got a confidence that understands that she is MORE than the decisions she makes, MORE than her athleticism,  MORE than the mistakes she may have made...

she is on the journey of discovering the WHO that she is...

and it's AMAZING and EXCITING!

Congratulations are inspiring and beautiful, inside and out! 

Carol  – (16.4.19)  

You are amazing Colleen, thank you for
taking the time to get to know our daughter Devyn
Erik and Carol

Unknown  – (17.4.19)  

what a beautiful young lady. you must be so proud!

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