Many of my best friends growing up were guys.

I never had a boyfriend until I got to college, though. 

As soon as guys started to "like" me or started flirting and acting as though they wanted more than just friendship, I sorta gave them the cold shoulder. I wasn't trying to be mean, I just didn't want any potential drama at that time in my life.

However, if they could be my friends...I found that I had the most loyal, trustworthy, kind, protective big brothers in the world. 

My "friendships" with girls were different.  If we want to consider stereotypes, on average, it tends to be that girls statistically have more potential to bring a bit of drama compared to boys (not always mind you..just hypothetically speaking!)

In reality, I had enough real life drama to last me a lifetime and I didn't need it on a daily basis at school or church. 

To put it bluntly, I didn't have many girlfriends. I did have a few gems...but they weren't necessarily in abundance.

I have a feeling though...if Sam had been around when I was a girl, she would have been a breath of fresh air.

There is no pretense with her...I can't figure out if it's her strength of confidence, or maybe it's her whimsical, creative brain, or perhaps it's her down-to-earth perspective on life in general...

Whatever it is, she's refreshing and fun and thoughtful and spontaneous and easy-going...

She seems to know how to major on the major things and minor on the minors...

My favorite line that she would often recite during our time together..." I have a request..."

This meant that she spotted something really great and wanted to try it out for a picture.  She's not self-absorbed...I didn't see an ounce of selfishness in her...rather, she lets the creativity in her heart and brain spring out in this her thoughtful words...the way she watches and looks for ways to respond that are kind, gentle, sweet.

I have no doubt that she's a FRIEND...she'd be the one that I would imagine, "has your back"...she's keeping the peace and making you smile on your gloomiest days.

Sam is the kind of friend that I think anyone would be fortunate to have by their side!

If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to look for girlfriends like watch for those that look for ways to encourage and don't take themselves so seriously.  I'd tell myself to find a friend like Sammie!

Congratulations girlie!  You are fabulous!

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