Stunning, striking, original, beautiful..

All words that describe Lydia...

I haven't known her for very long, but I've known her momma for a bit...and it doesn't surprise me that the class and charm has been passed down to this next generation.

What struck me most about Lydia was her quiet confidence...

that doesn't mean that she wasn't nervous about pictures, as pretty much everyone is in the's daunting being in front of a camera!!!

rather, she seems to face situations with a calm and a purpose, even if her heart may be churning...

I know that feeling all too well...and yet to see someone with only a third of the years I have, seem to grasp the reality of stepping forward, standing out, and being who she was created to be...

it's beautiful...simply beautiful...

She's inspiring, and the type of person you want in your corner...I count it a privilege to know her and her family!

and I must add...I "may" have come across like I needed "more time" to take pictures while she played her instrument in the fields of grasses & goldenrod when I really just wanted her to keep playing so I could was like my own private concert...

Congratulations Lydia...I can't wait to see the plans set out for you :) 

Unknown  – (14.9.18)  

Lydia, You pictures are beautiful and very classy. I am sure you will hear these words many times describing you during your life. Best Wishes this Senior year.

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