I'm not sure how other photographers do things...I try not to compare too much...I know that social media is the "way of communication" in this day and age and if you blink, it will change in scope and reach in a millisecond...

I love to showcase the people that choose CT PhotoMemories to document their stories...

Being an extrovert, I love the surprise and anticipation of Instagram...the moments when an image scrolls into your feed and you scream because IT'S YOU!!!

I love the familiarity of Facebook...the way things are shared and commented on feels like you are having a conversation in your own living room at the same time.

Blogging is a whole 'nother ballgame.  "Back in the day" it was how present day authors and celebrities got their names out commentaries and stories for everyone to read...

Maybe I'm still a bit "old school", but the fun of the blog is the ability to share MORE...more imagery, more words...the story...

My daughter is entering her Junior year of HS and I'm already freaking out...I can't even fathom what next year is going to bring...and yet, people like Liam, in this Class of 2019 are already there...

They've already begun the journey...

Liam is passionate and calm...with a touch of mischievousness...I was wholly impressed with the respect and care he showed his mom, who helped me out with lighting and accessories.

Liam stands up for what he believes in and pursues dreams that are on his heart...and in the meantime, he works hard at the jobs set before him. 

I think you'll enjoy this last sneak peek of his before his gallery gets delivered. 

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