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A brand new, tiny baby changes everything...

when you add the second tends to rock your world!

No,'s not just don't always realize the feelings that bombard thought your heart was full to the brim when the first one arrived, but now you are overflowing...and you want to separate yourself into pieces so that you can give 100% to everyone...

As a mom, I know full well these emotions...

I went through the roller coaster of pure joy to almost guilt because I couldn't be in two places at once...I couldn't feed my newborn AND ride bikes with my older one at the same time

(maybe other super moms are capable of these feats but I was not one of them!)

This lovely family learned the ropes quickly...a beautiful wedding, starting a family, a new home, and now a new little guy on the the midst of some remodeling as well!!!

They ARE superheroes!!!

It's both a privilege and unbelievably humbling to be welcomed into homes...I have the opportunity to organically and authentically capture LIFE...the chapter of their story, in their own home!

No background or setting will match with anyone else, because it's THEIRS alone...

Looking back on these images they'll remember the nursery, the books, the cuddly animals, the rooms where they played and read together...

I'm reminded, once again, as I continue my own ancestry search...of lives lived...I am so intrigued by the seemingly mundane and insignificant moments...because they are REAL...

This family values and cherishes the STORY they are writing together...and they are filling it with all the details and actions that create a LOVE story...

it's a beautiful thing!

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