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Interesting post title huh? I love eating...I feel as though some of the best times are had around a dinner table or kitchen and conversation...however, we've been incorporating a few changes here lately and it's been interesting to say the least...

We recently discontinued our cable and phone to our home.  YES, we are that family that had a land line up until about a couple weeks ago.  It's pathetic, I know...

Since the girls and I are typically book worms and my hubby being the only "TV watcher" on a regular basis...HE (and I use that term correctly) decided that we didn't need cable and would rather pocket that extra $100 each month than send it to the the cable company.

We did subscribe to Netflix so we do have some shows to watch the cries of injustice weren't long lasting...

It's a good thing too because, as it turns out, it's perfect timing... my knees have screamed at me to discontinue regular work out programs and get back on the easy treadmill.

Therefore, my focus has been Netflix Food Documentaries as I begin my uphill trek each day.

Friends, it turns out that being going to kill you.

please do not misinterpret my seemingly "laissez-fare" attitude here with indifference or cynicism.  I've had loved ones taken away from me too early to know enough that you don't "joke" about death.  I have friends in the midst of battles for their lives with diseases and cancers that never could have been foretold nor warded off by any amount of eating or lifestyle changes...

at the same time, I think in light of these documentaries and science...along with my ever researching-questioning personality, I consider it a privilege to care for the body God has given me, for however long He allows me to live inside of it...and sometimes the mixed information that is presented leaves me in a quagmire (I happen to like this word currently)

I started working out in college to the tune of Billy Blanks...Tae Bo BABY!

I can't say that my exercise routines have resulted in massive body changes...I don't necessarily perform exercise for other than "health" reasons...such as: keeping my heart pumping, my muscles strong so that my bones don't break and keeping my blood pressure in a good range...weight loss on occasion.

After reaching the age of 40, a few years back, I noticed that my energy level, sleeping abilities and all around health actually had more to do with what I put INto my body, rather than excessive exercise.

This brings to mind the first food documentary I ever watched: Super Size Me

If this film didn't scare the ever living daylights out of me for even SIPPING a soda product, I'm not sure what else would.

That was the beginning of subtle changes for me and in turn, my family...And though this began back while my daughters were toddlers (the film came out in 2004) it continued to make me mindful of not only exercise, but food choices...

Which brings me to present day...

As a family, we gave up frequenting Fast Food places (outside of Chipotle, Panera, Jason's Deli or an occasional Chick Fil A) back in 2004...typically we sit at the table and eat homemade meals almost every day of the week...Obviously, as the girls got older, it meant that we didn't all get to sit together at each meal, but leftovers are usually readily available in the fridge when everyone gets home.

While we omitted fast food and have always encouraged portion control and healthy choices, I can't say that I've been the best at introducing massive amounts of veggies into our diet.  We love our fruit, but unless it gets squeezed into pasta sauce, or smothered in veggie dip, I've typically been hard pressed to swallow down vegetables.

I guess you could say my body just got conditioned to wanting sugar, and processed foods. They taste good for heavens sake...and my motto was always: "I have earned it! So I can eat it!"

AND THEN...I started watching these food documentaries...

These are the four with which I've been enamored lately.

In defense of food seems like the most balanced, and not "extreme" as the others..but each of them basically sent the same message...the more whole foods, plant-based diets that you can eat, the better for you in the long run.

So, am I going on a juice fast? or am I becoming a vegetarian?

probably not...but, it has had me thinking more about the types of food that I keep stocked in our fridge and in our pantry.  And again, while we've limited the processed food since my babies were actual babies, we're just trying to do that much more the older we all get...

With that, I thought I'd share my favorite green smoothie recipe.  I've been maintaining an intermittent fasting regimen (fasting 16 hours, eating for 8) for the past month or so...I will typically break my fast around noonish with a Greenie Smoothie (I am very low in iron generally, so the Spinach is fantastic for my system) This isn't the ONLY thing I use for breakfast, but it's my favorite:)

Recipe: (I use a Blend Tec to blend it up)
about 3 cups of Spinach (lately I've been adding more green and less yogurt)
lots of ice
about 1/2 cup unsweetened Almond milk
1/4 cup triple zero oikos greek yogurt
2 TBSP organic peanut butter
1 banana
(optional: a dash of cinnamon) can also add berries or applesauce or pears...the options are endless!!

You can google Smoothie recipes and find a gazillion in whatever flavors you like best...sometimes it's just experimenting and being sure to use the least amount of processed sugars, and more whole foods/fresh produce.

Here are some people that I follow on Instagram that have lots of exercises that I like to use before or after a walk on the treadmill as well...I try to combine strength training with making my heart work a little bit of cardio. They have some fantastic workout routines AND if you are someone that thrives on community and does really well with accountability, Becca is definitely your go to gal!!!

Becca Beschta Fitness
Kayla Itsines
Heather Barritt

 I'm always revamping and changing things up based on the research or books that I'm reading.  My goal is to be healthy while still having balance and not going to extremes.  Doing something is always better than doing nothing...and I'm enjoying the journey!

Happy Health Hunting :)

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