FAMILY SESSION: Mermaid girls

What kind of crazy post title is that?

Mermaid girls?

Let me give you back story...

First of all, I met this family back when they had just had their eldest daughter. When I walked into their home I was immediately met with a nautical theme...this family love the water! I mean, they love it so much that grandma had knitted a MERMAID outfit for baby girl to wear for her debut...

Fast forward a couple years and baby sis comes in on the scene and SHE gets a mermaid ensemble as well!  

From the nautical sea foam color on the wall, to the anchors and lighthouse decor throughout their home, you get the feeling of their love for the color of the sea, the ocean...

I love when I walk into homes and instantly have an idea of personality and heart...

They kept saying, "we just want pictures of us in this time of life!"  Baby girl is already one year old and life just keeps on changing...

I had such a relaxing time with them all...I often wonder if I get very close to over staying my welcome becausde I so enjoy talking about the journey of parenthood with families...I love to hear new perspectives and ways of doing's inspiring, but most of all just encouraging...

I tend to leave with a heart filled with HOPE!

And I think that's saying something huge :) 

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