I was recently on the OSU campus with my eldest daughter awaiting to hear the author Wes Moore speak about his book: The Other Wes Moore

He's an engaging and personable man, from humble beginnings, who through the influences and impacts of others was able to make choices that steered him in a different direction than what he otherwise would have traveled. 

From his life-experience, he has developed a sense of purpose and strives to, each day, apply what he has learned. 

He was humorous and was easily relatable...he summed up his book and his life's goal in one question:
"Who do I fight for?"

This question is jam packed with meaning, however...he speaks about the "others" in our lives...making our voice that when we leave a space, we have left a legacy, or something behind that changes the people with whom we come in contact...

It reminds me of the verses in the Bible where God just calls us to plant seeds...we aren't called to harvest all the time, but to plant something that He can cause to grow, everywhere along life's road.

These are powerful words to speak to an auditorium of OSU freshman...and I'm fairly confident that they don't fully understand, just yet, the true impact that type of worldview or perspective can have in moving forward...we live in a world that is so "Looking out for #1", in a land of entitlement...

However, as a mother, I recognized truth in those words for my own life...

The fact that my daughters are only with me for a short period of time...and in that time, how will I guide them? how will I fight for them? how will I make choices that will impact them for the ultimate better?

I come in contact with families all the time (ahem...especially in October!!!) 
I see parents that have already grasped this truth because they take the parenting seriously, along with a measure of grace...

This family is no exception...

They seem to comprehend the immense undertaking that they have chosen in having littles, and recognize the responsibility they have to love, guide, discipline, impact them, to leave a mark on their hearts that will be with them forever...

I believe it's the most heart-wrenching, fulfilling, "crazy", fun-filled, worrisome, and difficult job there is...being a parent!

I'm so very thankful when I meet others that "get it" and keep, keeping-on!!!

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