Easter HOPE

This weekend we celebrate Easter.

I am an emotional being by nature...my brain constantly tries to make connections with regards to relationships...it's as if my heart is always looking for other hearts with which to attach...

If you've read my story you will know that if my beliefs were only rooted in emotion, I'd have chucked it a long while ago...there isn't always an A + B = C...and things don't always turn out how I plan or "think" that they should based on what I believe to be "good plans"!

And yet...

Because of what I know to be true (even if my feelings don't agree) there is a hope!

This Momma understands this concept as well...She was a rock for me during a time when I wanted to give up...when nothing made sense and it wasn't turning out how I planned...

Little did I know I'd watch her walk through her own "unknown journey" years later...

She is part of my heart for life...

She (and her husband) have an abundance of love, generosity, patience and HOPE...

It's supernatural...but, that doesn't surprise me at all...ultimately, because of "Easter" that hope is available...and I can verify that it is real and true! 

I'm so thankful for you T...for your friendship, your example and the HOPE that is always evident in you no matter the journey we are purposed to walk :) 

Love you!

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