Snapshop February 2016

We had our first Snapshop of the year this past weekend!

I actually remembered to take a couple pictures...

and then...

I forgot to take anymore...

But still...I was pretty proud of myself for remembering at all!!!

yay me!

This was, yet again, another fabulous group of individuals...

I so desperately want this to be a class in which you feel as though you've not only invested your money wisely, but you come away feeling as though you received a boatload of knowledge...

Yes, it can be overwhelming...almost like over-eating at a buffet style restuarant...but, at the same time, you feel as though you've sampled everything you could get your hands on and come away with a much better understanding of where you are headed...

(I know, I use way too many word pictures..)

The point is, we covered not only how to "see life through the lens", but how to "frame it up" with an arsenal of techniques to use...

And then we spent the remaining 3 hours focusing on the many components of our cameras...
They hung in there like champs when I threw out words like...
light meter
tractor beams of light
evaluative & maitrix metering
depth of field and aperture

We learned how those terms and many more, work together so that they could get:
blurry backgrounds
stop action with their kids and sports
compensate for low light situations

and the list goes on and on...

It's a lot to cover...and they were CHAMPS!

I think I may have received the sweetest survey response as well:

"Probably the best money I've spent on something extremely useful for my life.  Plus I had an excuse to get away from the kids! You gave an excellent presentation and did so in a non-intimindating way with a sense of humor."

Talk about amazing!!!

I know what it feels like to be in those shoes...where you have this amazing camera, but you just can't figure out how it's supposed to work...

don't get me will take time and practice...but I have no doubt that these individuals will flourish and I'll be seeing the results of their knowledge paying off when they post in our private Facebook Group!!

If you are interested in attending a Snapshop in the near future, email me at

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