Maybe it was the red hair?

If you know me at know that I'm an avid reader...

Perhaps more accurately speaking, I would say that I'm addicted to the written word.  It began in 5th grade with a big push from my teacher and the ball hasn't stopped rolling.  The first series that completely engulfed me, was Anne of Green Gables...

Ohhh...I LIVED as "Anne" in my own imagination...

And if I'm just putting it out there anyway, let me tell you that once I graduated college, I took a train to PEI, Canada to see for myself, the "setting/story" in my mind.

It was not disappointed!

So when I met this family on the campus of a nearby college for a photo session...and I saw this beautiful new mother of two...I knew I had met a kindred spirit!

**did you see what I did there?  kindred spirit? won't "get" it unless you've read the books**

I know that sometimes I can be rather "overwhelming" to meet right out of the gate (it's that adopted Anne, with an "e", temperament that I assumed for myself back in my youth) and I'm not sure if I might have  set her to questioning my sanity for a few moments...but, I was elated when I saw this beautiful wife & momma step out with her kind husband & two little babies...she oozes the "kindred spirit" persona!

This session was back in late summer and these sweet kiddos have grown MUCH since our time together...

But then, isn't that why we keep we can look back and remember...

They'll never be this small again...

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