Stan the MAN (or dinosaur)

I've said it before and I"ll say it again...

Families are my niche!  

I thoroughly enjoy spending time with families...we get things "lightly" posed and then things just take off...conversations happen, laughter begins, moments appear!

I met up with this family at one of my favorite places to photograph...we started walking around and making small talk as I watched Mom & Dad interact with their little guy...

I love the "natural-ness" of them all...the comfortable awareness of just "BE-ing"...Their little guy warmed up fast and it was extremely evident, the quiet confidence and assurance that had been built into this young one...I say this because, even in one so young, there is a respectful awareness that he has for his Mommy & Daddy, and yet along with that, he has a confidence to be all that he can be within their loving boundaries.

I am so very encouraged when I get to see this first hand...There is no rule book for parenting...every child is different...but, I utterly admire those that dedicate themselves to instilling character values into their kiddos at this young and impressionable age!

Stan, the dinosaur, made an appearance...or perhaps I should say that Stan had fun riding on my shoulder and getting little man to smile.  Stan also likes to "eat treats" for being such a good dinosaur for the photo shoot.  Therefore, we had to give him a spotlight picture as well!  

(I wonder if his picture will make it to the family wall...hmmmm?)

Sometimes I just get going and have such a great time that it isn't until I see (the last picture) through my lens and realize that all our giggling and running and having fun has tuckered everyone out...and after over 100 snaps we bring it all to a close...

I am so thankful for these fun opportunities with amazing people!!

Jennifer & Vince D. –   – (30.6.14)  

You are so sweet! Can't say enough how much we enjoyed our time together and the outcome. Looking forward to giving them to family and putting them up in our new house. And yes, Stan will make it on the wall... in his owner's new room, I think. :) Thank you again!

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