Much Too Long

I can't believe that I've let the blogging go's what I LOVE to's probably 50% of the joy of being able to have this job is to TALK about all the wonderful-ness of the people I meet...

But, end of school...and big family reunion vacation...and big cleanse kick...and we's June, and I've still not blogged about these awesome families from APRIL!!!

So, I'm going to kick it into gear I tell you!!!

Let me introduce this lovely family.  I met them back when it was just the 3 of them...we met in a little park up north and I chased and played with their son...we laughed and it was perfect...

I was thrilled to hear that she was pregnant a year or so later, so we met again to document those beautiful moments...and again, I was captivated by their young son, who so tenderly cherished his momma...even with his rough and was his gentleness that always got me...

Which brings us to April...their daughter had arrived and was celebrated her first birthday...I wondered how "big brother" would handle his new role...and I need not have feared...they have done an incredible job parenting this young man...he has a very lucky little sister, and that's putting it lightly...

What a splendid time we had...what a joy to spend time with people who have trained their children in such a way that their kids have a strong respect and bond with them, and their makes for not just pleasant interactions, but relationships are strengthened and memories are made, because hearts are all in the right place to start!

I hope you'll enjoy what you see:

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