The People that you meet each day...

Do you remember the song? 

"These are the people in your your neighborhood...OH, these are the people in your neighborhood...The people that you meet each day!"

My husband likes the outdoors...he likes owning a tractor and having land with which to run around...and while I do like that...a lot...I also REALLY enjoy people...

I'm what you call an extrovert and therefore I tend to get energized by being around people...and I LOVE to hear their stories...

I've been on the OWU campus many's right in my backyard...and I love the structures and the beauty of the campus..but I only know maybe ONE student that actually attends the school?!

However, when I suggested this location for this family...the Mom of this clan was excited, because it was her Alma Mater!  I had such fun listening to her tell stories about her time in college..she was a swimmer!  She told me about the buildings and the chapel...we walked all over...she introduced me to her dorm and we were in awe at the structures and the beauty around us!

I got to listen to how she and her hubby met, their jobs...I love listening to people that are truly committed and care about one just hear it in their voices...I love to watch them with their little they work as a team...(and believe me, when you have a toddler, you MUST work as a team...otherwise, you just run out of energy!!!)

What a wonderful morning I had with them all...I hope you will see their happiness just shining in their eyes and in their smiles...

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