Adie: SENIOR Session

School starts tomorrow...

My youngest is heading off to Kindergarten...she's got 13 years of schooling ahead of her before she leaves my roof and heads off to college...

She seems so little as I tucked her in to bed tonight...can she really be old enough to go to school already?  Are we ready for lunchboxes and gym classes?  Are we ready for all that will be in her future? 

I don't know...but, I do know that her daddy and I love her with all we've got in us...and we're so thankful for each moment God gives us with her...

I get to take pictures of Seniors each year...and it often takes me a moment to just "pull it together"...because I put myself in the place of both the parents and this awesome teen heading into the last year of school...On one hand, they are achieving the culmination of all for which they have worked!  They come to me with excitement about their last year in High School and anxiousness about college decisions...I get to capture so many sides of who they have become...

And on the other hand, I feel the heart of the parents who have led their Seniors to become independent leaders...confident go-getters...and my heart clenches a little in my chest when I realize just how short the time it has flown by...

Adie was an absolute delight to photograph...and her best friend got to join in on some of the fun as well (be sure to check out my facebook page to see more pictures) 

She has a glow about her that makes you just want to smile when you are near her.  I thoroughly enjoyed her enthusiasm and excitement for life...her honesty and REALness...I don't see that often...many people are nervous to show their "real" self...but, I could tell that she came to our session just being truly HERSELF...and it was refreshing...

and I'm sure that you'll was breathtaking as well :)


Congratulations Adie...Hope you have a fantastic Senior year!!!

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