Big brother...Little Sister...

It's amazing to me how you can look at your son or daughter as a toddler and think, "oh, they are just so little" ...those pudgy cheeks and hands...the legs that wobble or stomp as they are learning to walk and run"
It's not until little brother or little sister arrives that you look at that "tiny toddler" and think, "holy cow, where did the time go, they look huge compared to this baby"
This sweet baby girl made her appearance into the family and was welcomed with kisses and hugs and a protective older brother!  (as it should be :)  This little guy has such a tender heart and kind spirit.  I loved watching him with his daddy and mommy...and especially his little sister! I was in the presence of a family whose love for one another was evident in just the everyday ins and outs of life :)
While sis was getting a quick "bite to eat", I went out with her brother to get some 2 year old pictures...I remember the day I came to take pictures of him when he was just about 2 weeks how far we have already come...

Baby sister is definitely the tiny princess...her sweet toes and fingers were just mesmerizing...

Her momma has a thing for hats and had this sweet number all ready for me to try to work some magic:) 

She was just precious...

  I wish you sweet sleep in these early months and great joy as they continue to grow!!!

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