Click It is the Photoshop class:)  Click it, as in, you must click tools and click on multiple icons to get the editing effects that you desire...

For those of you rolling your eyes...hee hee...hang in there with's been a wild day...If you've followed me on facebook you'll know that I've been dealing with a crazy cough-hack-refluxy-more coughing-ITIS or something like that...Long story short:  I'm not "technically" sick, but noone really knows what is wrong...and so we're going down the "reflux" route until further notice:)

That said, after hitting a pot hole and flattening my tire on the way to pick up my daughter from school...well, that's where my whole "crazy" speech is coming, I hope you'll bear with me:)

Just wanted to post a quick note about the Winter/Early spring schedule for Workshops!!!  I know many of you are anxious to get started and others still want some time to see if you can figure it out on your own...kudos to you! 

As I've said many times before...if you are going to invest the amount of money that is needed into equipment and's the BEST use of your money to actually LEARN what they are capable of, get out there and google search and read up on your camera and photoshop and fiddle with it...see what you can figure out...that's where it all begins...

Now, I also know, as a mom and crazy multi-tasker, that time is precious...and my kids won't stop growing!!!  And so, I want to learn how to do those things A.S.A. P.

This is where workshops like Snapshop and Click It come in...I'm a photographer, but I'm a mom before I "get" where you are wanting to head...I know what shots you truly want...(I also know it's crazy fun to create storyboards and cards for your kids, family and friends...and what's the best use of your time in that arena) 

Here's a tentative schedule...I don't specifically nail down dates too far in advance because really, I want to try to accomodate as many people as I can...I don't conduct the classes often and I would be so sad if you had to wait 4 months to come to a class just because your child had a game on that ONE workshop date that you just couldn't miss!  (remember, I'm a mom too!)

Therefore, I hope you will bear with me...I also understand schedules and the need to "get it on the calendar"...this is where YOUR HELP comes in as well...please feel free to email me at with possible dates that work for you. 

I try to do Click It's on the weekdays in Ohio just because I don't need the daylight to work on the computer AND, if you are like me, you like your weekends free and clear...BUT, I'm open to change as well...just let me know.

For Snapshops, I keep them to Sunday afternoons at present because my girls have basketball and soccer games on Saturday!  However, if you have a suggestion, I'm open to it...I'm also open to possible Sunday dates that work for you! 


 Click It will be Wednesday, February 1st from 6:30 to 9:00pm  Early bird pricing ($65) for those that get payment to me by January 18th.  Or you can pay the day of ($75) me at to receive my address and more information:)

 Snapshop TBA sometime in March...looking for possible Sunday dates that work best for your schedule.  Early bird pricing will be put into effect 2 weeks prior to date for this as well. 

GO HERE TO LEARN MORE INFORMATION ABOUT WHAT IS INVOLVED WITH A SNAPSHOP CLASS (plus you get a pretty nifty camera strap as a special gift from me:)

 Snapshop II (for those that have already attended a Snapshop) will be smaller class sizes and only 2 hour sessions...(full description of class will be posted at a later date)


Click It (TBA) looking at the weekend of February 18/19
Snapshop (TBA) looking at the month of April
Snapshop II (TBA) loooking at the month of August

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