CLICK IT coming soon:)

I was overwhelmed with "teacher pride" after receiving so many Christmas cards from past Click It attendees!  And I mean overwhelmed!  The creativity, the photos they included, the was awesome!

Some of you may have JUST received the SWEET gift of photoshop elements under your tree this Christmas...and I hope that you gave your loved one a giddy scream when you saw it...because, it is SOOOO worth it!

There are many options for learning can try to ask people who know, you can read "photoshop for dummies" can even purchase online tutorials that focus in on 1-2 "learning strategies" for each class...

You need to find what works for you...

However, I will tell you that IF you like the photos you see on this site...if you understand my personality and know that I'm a teacher...if you realize that I'm a mom first who values time and has the "please just give me what I need to know so I can do what I want to do!" mentality when it comes to new things...

THEN...perhaps you'll make the leap to take a Click It class with me. 

In class we cover some basic post-processing editing...let's face it...after taking the Snapshop Workshop, you now have a greater understanding of composition and know HOW to get the pictures you want...the problem still occurs when LIFE hits in the middle of switching your manual's in THOSE moments that I am thankful for Photoshop.  It is my ultimate goal that my pictures come out of my camera GREAT!...

...BUT, sometimes, my youngest is hanging on my leg, the chicken is boiling over in the pot on the stove and my middle kid looks so cute out there hanging from the monkey I grab the camera, run and hope for the best...and then try to put out the fire in the kitchen afterwards:)

With just some simple knowledge of photoshop, you can turn those "crazy moment" photos into something frame-worthy...We'll touch on those kinds of basics in the Click It class...

You'll get an overview of the program itself and discover some of the tricks that I use on a continual basis.  Together we'll make the class to fit the needs of everyone so that we make the most of your time!  For some, that will be honing in on editing pictures...for others it will mean learning how to create cards & announcements...

You receive full color notes with print screens so that you can remember where everything is located.  You also recieve a CD of all the files that I use in the workshop so that you can practice again at home.  I also give you a list of websites that I frequent for personal use that will get you on your way to creating incredible works of art with your images!

There is a "vote" going on over on Facebook through Tuesday...we need to finalize a date for the class...It is a 2.5 hour long class (that sometimes runs to 3 hours:)

Early bird pricing is $65 or you can pay the day of for $75. 

Possible dates for a Delaware, Ohio class are:
Wednesday, January 25th OR
Wednesday, February 1st

You can comment here and let me know which OR you can vote over in Facebook.  I'll post the finalized date on Tuesday.  We need to have a minimum of 3 people attending, but I like to keep it small so that we can cover a LOT of I will cap it at no more than 8. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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