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I love photographs.  I always have.  I think I started "scrapbooking" when I was in elementary school.  I'm also a pack rat.  I keep things...memories...they are my link to not just the past, but the "emotions and feelings" that I had at that particular moment.  I think that's why I take pictures the way that I do...

Let me interject that I don't think that I take pictures perfectly by any means, but when I look through the lens I try to "see" the moment and feelings that go with it, not just the frame on the wall.  I try to capture the "story" behind the picture...

Let me try to explain using some of my own pictures:

Little Munchkin and I went to a college to scope out some locations earlier this year.  She's definitely my little buddy when it comes to stuff like this.  She sees things on different level than me and gives me a whole new perspective into her world....I want to capture it, because it's not only different than mine, but she's growing up...she'll see things differently as she this "time" is fleeting.

Here she is sitting on a bench.  It's a cute picture and nothing "wrong" with it persay. She looks cute sitting there with her little book...

But what you DON'T see is the whole "picture" or moment...
Do you see what I mean?  She chose to sit wayyy over to one side, all by herself at this college campus, completely engrossed in her little board book that she was carrying with her everywhere we went that day. 

Please understand, that both pictures could be framed and would "work" on a wall in my house...but I would choose photo #2 because it tells more of a story and reminds me of what was going on that day so much more. I also used the principle of thirds for this subject is NOT in the center, she's off to the side...When you look through your lens, you sort of split the image into 3 equal parts...I put Little Munchkin into the 1/3 off to the right.  Sometimes this "principle" can really enhance a photograph and give more insight into the story you're trying to tell.

Here's another example:
At first glance you're probably saying...well, what's the problem, aren't you "telling the story" here?  You've got the background, the ledge, her walking...And to you I would reply, "yep, I do have a lot in this picture that could possibly give you the emotion of the moment"  But take a look at what happens when I scoot close in on her...

Do you see how that changes it?  Sometimes coming in close gives you a better angle to tell the story, and yet, sometimes zooming out has the same effect.  I even tilt the camera just a bit to give the image even a different "look" that helps make the image that much more interesting! I wanted to get her concentration on her face as she tried to make sure she was balanced on that ledge.

Soooo, why share all this?  Well, first off, it lets you get to know me a little bit more and some insight as to how I see things through a lens...but also, I hope it inspires you to look a little differently at that big black thing in your hands the next time you're chasing after young ones or trying to get a "perfect" shot. 

Photography can be so much fun and the feeling you get when you get an image that just pops right off the screen!  Oh MY!! So, try zooming in, zooming out, tilt your camera  just bit to find a crazy angle...but most of all, try to see the story that you are trying to capture and go for it!

I will try periodically to share some more of my strategies and I hope they will inspire you to try new things...Have a super weekend!

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