The "C" Family

I corresponded with just a few emails with the mom of this family, and I knew by the "tone" in her messages that this was a mom that not only loved her family, but truly wanted what was best for them.  She has such a heart for her kiddos and their needs...we did our best to work around nap schedules and made this photo session as much about fun and letting the kids be themselves more than anything!

You can tell in just a few shots, the personalities of these little ones:

Miss Blue Eyes has such a sweet disposition!

And she just sets your heart to smiling with her cuteness...

Mr. Action was non stop and so helpful as the big brother that he is...He caught on quickly and did all he could to get his little sisters to stick with the task at hand!

And then came Little Miss Inquisitive...oh, those first couple years keep a mom & dad on their toes...she was most interested in just about everything!

By the end, I think Mom was just hoping for at least one family photo...and I think we succeeded!  The personalities are poppin' all over this image!  I LOVE IT!

And I think we got a cute one of her and her hubby as well! 

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