My Middle Kid on a Cloudy Day

A couple weeks ago it was my eldest daughter's birthday...I documented the "story" of the party day in this post.  Then a few days later, I took my baby to the zoo and blogged about that here.  My poor middle child...that left behind one...I thought I'd share a little bit of her. 

She is often my photography buddy because she's so real!  She doesn't always pose for the camera...she's just herself.  And when I have to ask her to run for the umpteenth time because I can't figure out how to get her in sharp focus...she doesn't complain.  When the sun is shining down and it's blasting out all my pictures, she just comes up with silly things to do while Mommy keeps working her camera or moving her until I get the metering correct. 

She know her Mommy isn't perfect...she likes the fact that I'm learning something...but, she loves me wholely and wonderfully and for that I am unbelievably blessed!

I thought I'd share just a few photos...this first one, I tried metering on the sky so that I could get the dark blue was almost 4 in the afternoon on a rainy can see the sun behind us with that sunset glow...I think it worked!

It was difficult not to get the pink shadow from the sun flowing through the umbrella...I kept metering on different things and having her go all over the yard...she didn't's her sister's umbrella anyway!

This one is just's just her personality...she was done at this point and wanted me to quit with the wacky jokes and push her HIGH on the swing...

SO I DID....

have a great weekend!

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