I've had the opportunity to meet up with lots of guy Seniors this year...

I know, I know...senior pictures aren't really "sought after" by the tends to be something more in the realm of "mother/daughter" or "daddy/daughter" time...

What I have learned though, not being a #boymom myself, is that boys love their moms!  Not in that "momma's boy" mentality, but in a way that they not only respect, but appreciate what their Moms have sacrificed over the years for them...and while taking pictures isn't what they'd consider their most "worthwhile" time, they do it because it's a way to honor their let Mom celebrate fully with them before they head out into independence...

it's a sweet, loving, thoughtful gesture...and I get a front row seat...

THESE are the type of young men that give me HOPE, being a #girlmom 

The world tries to tell us what is "cool" and "uncool" tries to convince us what "strength" and "courage" look tries to brainwash into thinking that "serving someone else", or "showing humility or honor" isn't for the Strong...

and they would be dead wrong!  

Because, it's in the showing compassion, the kindness, the yielding, the listening, the showing gratitude...that comes TRUE strength...of character and integrity. 

It's been a pleasure meeting young men, like Colin, whom exemplify these qualities and so much more! 

congrats Colin on a fantastic Senior year! 

Unknown  – (31.10.19)  

These are AWESOME and what a wonderful tribute to both Colin and Marsha!

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