I only spent about an hour with them...

I know that's a small amount of time...comparatively...

But, I think even in that short time span, things can be observed...

let me tell you what I saw:

1. That's a LOT OF BOYS...different shapes and sizes and personalities...they were all as different as night is to day...where one was quiet, two more were oozing with energy!! Each one had their own likes, might be into science, the other one is into always amazes me; the family dynamics...

2. Every single one of these young men were incredibly respectful...down to hand shakes and smiles...I didn't have to ask twice if I needed assistance or ideas...and it just seemed to come naturally...not forced or with drudgery, but genuine & sincere care and consideration.

3. They were all relaxed and fun-loving...I didn't see a bit of nervousness or boredom around each other...they all could give and take with each other and I had fun watching their comradery...the inside jokes and laughter were the highlights...(and friends, this was even at 8:30 IN THE MORNING on a SATURDAY!!!)

4. MOST evident, was the adoration of their Dad...OH know there is something amazing going on at home when, as a parent, your children WANT to be around you...want to have special handshakes or wrestling contests or talk with you about books or computer or video games...These young men each had their own special bond with Dad...and that says something for Dad too... relationships have been formed not based on "self", rather on the interests and hearts of each of his sons...

And, that's the SHORT list folks...I could go on and on...

So, needless to say, we had a fantastic morning...they kept me laughing and I kept clicking my camera to keep up with them! These type of mornings just make my day! 

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