She's got some spunk to her :) 

Reason #8983789234890789 why I love Senior sessions...

Each session is new, unique, different...we "might" go to similar locations, but that's just for the backdrop...for the "blur" if you's all about the subject!

The "character" of a Senior Session is front and center for the story...

sure, we add some details that help build the "character development"...and the settings help us to make those characters POP...

but, it's the personalities, the smiles, the quirks, the SPUNK that makes the experience!

Logan is one of a kind...she's sweet, loving heart inside a fierce determination, a competitive drive, and a passionate calm...

One minute she'd be introspective and serious and the next, she'd break out into fits of laughter...her unexpected smiles made me happy and thoroughly enjoy the spontaneity of her session!

She's got drive and focus...and yet, she doesn't take herself too seriously...because that's where all that FUN comes in...

Congratulations Logan on a fabulous Senior are going to be amazing!

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