When his mom started talking I thought, "oh my, I need to keep this conversation going...I want to keep listening"

You see, they are from Tennessee and Mom has an accent that is HEAVENLY to listen to...

I think all accents are great anyway...but Southern and British are my all time faves...and I'm sure by the end of the session, I was trying my hand at that Tennessee "lilt"...

I tease my Senior guys when we begin a session..."Listen, I know you've been dreaming of this day your whole life...just as a girl dreams of her wedding day, YOU have been planning for your Senior session....NOT"

The guys I typically see for a Senior Experience are there for one reason and one reason only:


They are there because they love their mom...and if mom wants pictures of them smiling and laughing, in different outfits, serious-faced or even with a hug, they are going to do it!

So, they already have my heart just by showing up...

what sweetens it even more is their attitude through out...and Garrett was at the top of his game...

he was up for anything that I threw at him...and he did it with a smile (and even some laughs) and by the end, although it may not have been the disneyworld adventure that I kept telling him it was (insert eye roll) he rolled with it and made it a blast!

Garrett is that "guy next door"...he's the friend to all...respectful, showing humility and the one you want on your side because of his calming confidence. 

Congrats Garrett on a wonderful Senior Year, I had such fun with you and your family!

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