Snapshop Michigan 2015

I taught a camera workshop in Michigan this weekend and it was AHHHHmazing! 

I "retired" from teaching back when my eldest daughter was born...however, I do believe that some people are just born with "teaching" in their's something they not only love to do, but they also just can't help's an innate quirk that just pops up...

I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to teach classes like this...not only because I love teaching but because I have a passion for capturing moments and I "get" that others want their pictures to have depth and meaning and POP off the screen/page!  I know what it feels like to look through my family albums and love the moments that are be transported back in time when I see those see the "movie" replayed in my mind, all because of a snapshot!

We had people drive in from Grand Rapids and even CHICAGO to attend this Snapshop class that was held in southeast Michigan.  

You'd think that I'd learn and actually take pictures of all that was going on, but I just get so excited to speak with everyone...

I ask everyone to complete a questionaire before they attend the class.  They are asked to rate themselves with regards to a number of photography terms and their ability.  For this class we had those that rated themselves at 2 and 3...AND we had some that rated themselves at 6 and 7!  Therefore, we had a wide spread of I knew I had my work cut out for me in order to make it applicable to all the different learners and learning styles.  

It turned out that the torrential downpours that NEVER STOPPED actually helped their cause, because we were able to spend quite a bit of time diving deeper into concepts that we otherwise might not have gotten to during our class time.  (Although, lots of those topics are covered afterwards once my Snapshop Grads join the private facebook group in order to continue their learning) 

The gals that attended were enthusiastic and weren't afraid to jump in, ask questions, and try something new.  

I'll be honest, this class can be overwhelming.  I have put together a HUGE amount of information ranging from composition, storytelling, and framing to metering, focus, aperture, shutterspeed, ISO, toggling and so much more.  

At one point, I was making an analogy to the movie Inside Out with regards to how many "voices" are trying to talk at the same time while you are trying to determine HOW/WHEN to snap a picture...

My class members, MAY have thought I was a tad schizophrenic, but at least we brought the FUN to the party!

After a Snapshop class, I'm flying high for the next few days and this wasn't any different!  It was a pleasure to meet all the gals that attended...I enjoyed their enthusiasm and I look forward to working with them through our Snapshop Grads facebook page as well!

Here are a few of the pictures that I was able to snap before I got distracted with talking and teaching ...
and a sweet quote from one of the gals' surveys!

I always loved the idea of taking the perfect picture but I did not know the technical side of my camera. After taking Colleen's Snap Shop class, I can confidently take beautiful pictures in any type of lighting without my flash or auto mode! It was worth the drive and the time! Erin Maher

Anonymous –   – (28.6.15)  

It was great Colleen! Anytime you're willing to come to SE MI, you have a place to land!

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