SENIOR: Justin

strong, honorable, generous, kind


I had never met him before this evening of our session time together.  I've known his mom for many years..and so I've "heard" about him at various times of popping into the school office.  His parents are mighty proud of him...

I like to get to know the Seniors that I work with outside of parents and friends and all those outside factors...I get to see how they interact with complete strangers (i.e. ME) and as the time goes by and we all warm up...I get to hear about future plans and I get to see their reaction to their images from the back of my camera...

Justin already had me when he pulled out the Chelsea jersey...if you know my husband, he's a HUGE British Soccer league fan...and in particular, Chelsea!  Many a DVR'd games have been watched after avoiding social media all day so that he could enjoy the game fully in his man cave...Justin has often gotten up wayyy before the normal school wake up call so they could fit in watching a game before the day would begin...

that's dedication and discipline!!!

You'll see from these images where many of his passions lie...and each of them take a strength and courage just to participate...

I appreciated his input, his willingness to go along with my often crazy ideas...he never wavered in his kindness of words...

It was such a fun evening and I was so grateful to have met him in person!
Thanks for sharing time with me! ~Colleen 

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