Tranquil Beauty

I'll be honest...I'm not a fashionista!

I don't even know if I spelled it correctly for pete's sake!

I'd love it if I were...I'd love to say that I go into clothing stores and know exactly how to put things together to make amazing outfits...

but, I tend to be more of the "holy cow, that plain black skirt is only $4 on the clearance rack and since I only have brown and black shoes, that should work great with all of my white, brown, grey or black tee shirts!  WOOHOO"

yeah, it's pretty pathetic...

I'd also like to say that furniture or decor shopping gives me great thrills...but in all honesty, it puts a sense of FEAR and DREAD in me anytime I know I have to find another rug for the back door!!

And then I go to homes like this one...and I want to move in!

Everything is simple, elegant, lovely...classic, clean, uncluttered...there is a purpose and design to everything...the entire house flows as you literally feel like you are floating from one room to the next!  It's a little bit of heaven I tell you!!!  

When two gorgeous people have a beautiful baby, in a stylish becomes more like a magazine shoot rather than a newborn photo session...

I'm not kidding!  

I probably could have stayed there hour upon hour...their home is peaceful and tranquil...

they are at ease with one another and with their new little one...

It definitely does something to one's heart to see a new life being surrounded with such devotion!

I have no doubt that the many months and years to come will bring countless times of joy and fascination...

I was so honored to even have this tiny part in the memories :) 

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