6th Grade Memories

Oh, I recently had quite the trip down memory lane...

Let me explain...

When I graduated from college back in 19_...ummm, a long time ago...I went straight to Lake Ann Camp to be a counselor in that state up north.  While there, another counselor and I both got interviews for a school out in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Being the adventurous 21 year old that I was, I jumped at the chance and off we flew for our teaching job interviews...

Long story short, we both got the jobs in a middle school there in Milwaukee and when camp was over, we packed up our belongings and headed "out west" to find an apartment...along with all the other stuff you have to do when you're striking out on your own.

My first "job" was teaching a self-contained classroom of 6th grade students.

Let's see if I can help you "imagine" what this looked like...I am a whole 5 feet, 4 inches tall (and I don't wear heels). I'm the oldest of 4 children with a tendency to "mother".  I also spent countless summers in high school and college on mission trips where I worked with very young elementary kiddos...and then I was faced with 6th graders.

Let's just say that they "broke me in" pretty fast that year :)  And yet, there were a few that had mercy on me...

There were even a few of the boys that felt it their duty to help their teacher "get out" just a bit...and they took me golfing.

As you can see by the score card (in which we used alias names) I pretty much stink at golf...we stopped at 9 holes...you can probably see why...

so, why am I writing all this...blabbering on...because we all know you have better things to do than to read about the past happenings of some "no-name" photographer...

Well, ya see that kid in the blue and green striped shirt?  way over on the right?

He grew up (well, I guess they all did)

but, what I didn't know, was that he also attended my alma mater...in fact, he became an RD at the university AND coached the golf team...AND (yes, it gets even better) he and his wife are really good friends with THESE people...and if you remember, THAT girl is someone I would count as one of my best friends.

Anyway, one day I happened to see a picture on facebook on my friend's personal page...I then just "happened" to message her about a guy in one of the pictures, because he looked very familiar and his name matched one of my student class lists from that year long ago...low and behold my friend was at a wedding and she & her hubby were sitting next to "said guy"...I said to her, "ask him if he remembers the name of his sixth grade teacher"...and thus it began!

And that brings us to now...he's all grown up, married to a beautiful & incredibly sweet wife, and together they have an adorable little boy.  At their session I was reunited with his parents who were in town for this little guy's birthday as well...oh the fun we had swapping memories and catching up on life journeys.

It was fun to hear "his side" of that 6th grade year and my many "First year teacher" bloopers!  I'm beyond thrilled to see the choices he has made for his life...he is living a life of integrity and character...he's building into other lives and leading his family with strength and compassion!  I didn't have anything to do with the man that he has become, but I can say that I'm quite proud to call him my former student!

It was wonderful seeing you again!!!

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