One year...already

Sometimes "time" feels as though is crawls by...the hours, the minutes...they just seem to drag on by...

and then other times, it feels as though I can't hang onto each second long enough...the time ticks away and I'm 'on the clock'...

either one of those feelings are not "fun" to experience...In the first, it's usually because I'm anticipating something and it's taking too long to the second, I'm trying to enjoy the moment, but my brain won't stop telling me that it's going to be over soon...

Living in the "present" is a hard thing to do, I think.

So much energy is expended worrying about what is up ahead or fretting about what is behind and lost already...

I wish it weren't so much of a struggle for me.  I think that's another piece to the puzzle in my crazy personality, of why I enjoy photography.  I can enjoy the moment better when I know I've got it captured and I won't have to feel the "regret" of forgetting something.

I also believe that my 'complex' brain sometimes just thinks TOO much and I need to just let it rest :)

I think this family has figured out the secret year has already passed for their little guy...but I don't see the worry lines or even sadness of time gone by...they are just relishing the moments that they have together.  I love their carefree and "in the moment" living.

We found a little spot off the beaten path and this little guy got to play and build rock towers and laugh and just "be" with his mommy & daddy.

I am ever in awe of the people that are put in my pathway...I learn so much by watching and am reminded that there is a "time" for everything...

Thank you for such a fun evening!!!

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