The Real Deal

I think in college I was very naive.  

Scratch that...I KNOW that I was naive.  

Now, I had come from my own set of struggles before entering college, and then more heaped on as I journeyed through...before the ripe age of 21, I had already seen/lived through the effects of divorce, buried a sister, been through counseling for a myriad of other things that plagued my heart...

but still...I had this "hope"...that maybe...maybe if you did all the right things...if you made all the right choices...if you could possibly, just maybe, figure out how to do things "perfectly", no more "bad" stuff would come your way...

That's not the case with LIFE...

The fact is...troubles and hardships just have a way of finding you...and each person has a choice how they will respond in any given situation or circumstance that comes their way.

I don't say all that to give the impression that this family has had loads of struggles by any means...however, they are the type of people that are solid...committed...stand in the face of adversity and stare it down...compassion & love coupled with courage & "stick to it-ness" (I know that's not a word...sorry)

Anyway...I enjoy meeting up with them each year...they went to my alma mater...and therefore, I find myself thinking, "YAY" for them...they were naive 21 year olds at one time too...but, together, they have made choices for their relationship, their family...that have made all the difference...

and here they's a beautiful thing!

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