FALL SESSIONS coming soon...

Hi all :)  I cant' believe it's the end of August already!  I'm getting ready to put up part 1 of my fall schedule line up!  All 3 of my girls are in soccer this fall, so I'm maneuvering around quite a few schedules.

Here are the basics and then be ready to sign up just through the month of September, in a couple days :)

Sunday mornings, I will have one or two time slots, until daily light savings kicks in :)  These sessions are at a set location.

The rest of the day (on Sundays) I will have some openings, but have reserved a few 4:30-6:30 time slots just for seniors.  At the 2 or 3 pm time slots, locations will have to provide good shaded areas (especially for larger families with little ones who tend to squint like me :)

Not sure what "polar vortex" is going to do to us this year, so I'm trying to prepare and allowing for earlier weekend session times, but needing to be mindful of location.

I do have weekdays available as well after school/work (Tuesday/Thursdays and some Fridays) until the sun starts setting to early for lighting)

Also, due to increased travel, I need to finally "install" a travel fee for distances longer than a 20 minute drive from the 43015 zip code.  There are some incredible locations right around my area that I'd love provide, however, I know that some locations hold a special place in people's hearts...I will do my best to accommodate, I just need to be mindful of the miles on my vehicle and drive time away from my fam:)  thanks for understanding!

I will have a first come, first serve sign up on Facebook in a couple days...wanting to give everyone a heads up to be watching for it...I will do my best to get you in this year :)  crossing my fingers for continued beautiful weather as well!!!

***I will open October once we get into September and I know that we won't have too many weather reschedules...if you have special circumstances (i.e. people in town only for a specific time) please let me know and I'll do my best to get you in!

last thing:  please be sure to check through the INVESTMENT tab, as well as the FAMILY SESSIONS, etc...it will explain moneys, time, images, etc

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