Christmas 2016

I just returned from the Orthodontist's office. 

All 3 of our girls needed some type of orthodontist work this older two because it was time and my youngest because of her accident a year ago. 

Noone tells you how exhausting it is to sit by and watch your children have to be brave in the face of unknowns and deal with pain (no matter how minimal)...Tough Mommy love has to take a front seat and the look of "suck it up" must be plastered to my face.  They need to learn to be brave, because life isn't easy...and if they can be successful, one "trial" at a time, they will have more courage and strength for the times that aren't so "easy". 

This is what I tell myself and what I make myself do when they are those "hot seats"...My "brain" wants to take pain away, coddle them...but my "heart" knows that walking beside them makes them stronger instead of trying to take the load myself. 

Whew, heavy topic for 2 days after Christmas, but my heart was prodded this season as my girls were so grateful for the small things this Christmas...with "mouth equipment" for all 3 of them this year, along with the dishwasher, garage door and tractor also breaking this year...well, "gifting" wasn't a priority, in the "typical sense" this Christmas.  I spent time sewing handmade crafts for presents or creating them in other ways...and my heart swelled with the gratefulness that was demonstrated immediately...

It began in Michigan with some homemade Pokemon pillows, which my nephews squealed with matter their aunt hadn't had a pattern or even really a clue what "pokemon" was or is :) We spent time loving on our 89 year old grandmother and, unbeknownst to her, recorded about 30 minutes of singing and talking about her childhood.

Our middle daughter received a Ukulele from Papa & Gramma and has been serenading us ever since...content to sit and plunk out chords and bless us with her singing. 

We had our celebrations with my dad at his work office, where Gram brought in Crock Pots for us to have a "taco bar" for lunch and Grandpa showed all the grandkids how he installs fire alarms.  The kids were attentive and in awe of their Grandpa & Uncle Larry. We exchanged thoughtful gifts and were showered with love from everyone before we headed back home for the final celebrations... (continue reading below)

Christmas Eve day is spent making our Gingerbread Train.  Each grandchild on my husband's side draws a "car" and moms make the appropriate gingerbread car pieces to assemble at Nana & Popi's in the morning. Each year the cars get more elaborate...and then we slowly devour them on New Year's Day (or at least all the candy) 

Our typical Italian feast is now spread out across the whole day instead of 7 courses all at once, which, in the past, had us still at the table at 11pm...We enjoy the meats & cheese (antipasta) with wedding soup during the afternoon and the pasta, salad, bread, etc etc make their appearance before the pizzelles in the evening, following the Candlelight Church Service.

I know there will be a time when the cousins won't want to do the "play" any longer, but for now, they are still performing for us...this year, they made a movie of themselves (#technologykids #generationZ)

We came home that evening tired, but happy and excited about the morning... (keep reading...)

We received an Advent book with 25 doors that guides you through the reading of Luke 2 every December. We start at the beginning each day in December and open another door each evening...until Christmas morning when the last door is opened at the end. The girls have it memorized now but I love that they still enjoy doing it together as part of our traditions...

The other "tradition" is crashing through the wrapping paper...for me it just represents that our whole home/family/everything is a PRESENT...and coming down to run through the doorway is a reminder that we already have so, so much to be thankful for...regardless of anything under the tree...

And, as I was stating earlier, I think they "get" it too...I handmade ornaments and Harry Potter Acceptance Letters (albeit 1.5 years late for my middle girl, as you are supposed to be 11 when you receive a letter) I so enjoyed scouring the internet for appropriate fonts and the Hogwarts Crest! They each received STAX as one of their gifts and were thrilled...We had other gifts as well, but mostly needs or small things they wanted...

It made us happy to just play games, work on our puzzle, eat our Christmas roll and just BE all day Sunday.  It will definitely be one of my favorite for the books...

I hope your holiday season was memorable and wonderful too...

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What a wonderful post!

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