Good Morning

Good Morning!

I felt as though this post needed that title!  

Many photographers rave about the golden hour...

and it IS beautiful...

Golden hour is just before sunset, during which the daylight is redder and softer compared to when the Sun is higher in the sky. Sessions shot at this time ARE beautiful...they have a different feel, sometimes even a more moody/emotional feel...And for some families, that can be a perfect time to take family photos...where connections are made and relationships are showcased...

However, I am also quite in love with MORNING...

let's just start with the SUNSHINE and the gorgeous glow...the filtered light through the trees...the "happy" that just seems to exude from everyone!!!

Are you ever one that sort of slows down or gets sleepy when the sky gets dark and it starts to rain? 
How do you feel in the summer when the sun gently wakes you in the morning as opposed to the winter when it's still dark at the bus stop? 
I really believe that the time of day can have an affect on not only your mood, but your style of session. 
(MORE about that in an upcoming |Teach It Tuesday| blog post next week)

This family chose a morning session and I'm so glad they did...because it describes them perfectly...their family of 3!

Their little girl keeps them on their toes...they sing Mickey Mouse songs constantly at their home...there are many rides on daddy's shoulders and Mommy dressing her up...

Life is focused on the happy...on the sing-song and the utter joy that this little girl brings into their life!  How appropriate that the sunshine glows behind them and shines down the path as they take a walk...

I'm pretty sure that you'll agree...and I'm willing to bet that many of them will bring a smile to your face!!!

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